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Our vision is to enhance business communications with our client’s best interests at heart. For CMP, it is not about profits – it is about people – making their lives better. We are compelled to continuously improve the way you communicate with your clients and partners.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” 

– Jonathan Swift

We see you, but more importantly, We reveal your unseen opportunities. Every day, our deft team of communication specialists helps our clients reduce stress through optimized voice, data, and cloud solutions. Our methodologies are relationship-driven and sustainable into the foreseeable future. It’s time to rise above the competition.

Contact CMP today to discuss how we can assist your business or for additional information! We look forward to both speaking and partnering with you!



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After hiring CMP, what we found is that not only did our stress level reduce, our communication costs were reduced and our productivity increased. This then allowed us to focus on what we do best…security.
CMP has been a solid business partner for several years. … I look forward to working with CMP as I know they put their clients needs first and foremost.
You guys are awesome!
Communication Management Partners is very good at looking at an issue and seeing things from all sides. I can call CMP with what I want and they do a very good job of finding the best solution for our company.
Chad Dashiell, State Bank Northwest
I am very grateful to have someone who can deal with the hassles of communicating with the telephone companies when problems arise or changes are needed. … I know that when I call or stop by their office, I will be treated more like an old friend than a nagging client.
Tracy Bridgens, NWBDA