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Manage Infrastructure Gaps

Just like any other business critical element in your organization, communication services require careful and constant management.

In order to accomplish this effectively, your organization needs to have knowledge of several key areas. This includes telephony, cellular, and all aspects related to information systems (IS) and/or information technology (IT). In case you are unsure how well your organization has a handle on these services, we would encourage you to answer the following questions: True or False?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’re here to help.

We are telecom experts. Our years of experience and broad relationships with carriers is a tremendous resource to your organization. We speak “telco” and translate it into plain language for you. Our experience allows us to manage any upgrade, move, change or trouble quickly and properly.

A lot of companies rely on their IT department or accounting staff to handle telecom service items and issues. While that is understandable, this role by “default” is actually not a wise choice. There is a lot to know and the people tasked with working on this may be overwhelmed and this may cost you morale and money. Talk to us about how we may be able to cover this for your organization.

Cell phone management is a large frustration and a growing cost spiral for a lot of organizations. Contracts are confusing, bills are hard to read, and keeping up on the plans and usage from the users is almost a full time job. Unless the person handling this has background in the telecommunication industry they will inevitably be frustrated – not to mention cost the company money (but that is not their fault, they did not sign up for this responsibility). Sound familiar?

On the surface, it may seem like it can not be cost effective to pay us to manage the cellular plans and bills. In actuality, we more than pay for ourselves. We take the guess work out of this necessary expense. This is especially true for organizations with 100 to 300 lines in service. Give us a call to find out why we are so certain.

You need help. There are not enough hours in a day to take care of all aspects of the IT requirements. Worse yet, management expects that IT knows everything there is to know to take care of all the company needs. Unreasonable! Look at it this way: The engine mechanic knows nothing or little about body repair, fixing paint chips, or the electrical system in the car. You own the car, but it takes many levels of expertise to take care of it.

We do not know it all either. Nobody does. What we do know however is very broad (we have certifications for wireless, networks, VoIP, converged networks, and Microsoft). The rest of our own knowledge gaps are covered by key relationships with specialists. You need a whole team and we can provide it at an affordable rate – call us. We also provide managed services we call Smooth-IT™ for a monthly fee.

This is a sore subject and the fact that we even have a service to address e-mail spam is a testament to the severity of this problem. You may want to ignore the problem, but no matter how you look at it, this is costing you money. It takes up your bandwidth to download it, it takes up your staff’s time to sort through it and throw it away, and in some bad cases it introduces spyware or malware into your systems.

We offer a filtering solution that is off-site. Basically, we filter and clean all messages (no we can not read them) before they get downloaded to your systems. On average, we block 96+% of all e-mail on the domains we service. Considering that the average time to “process” spam by a user is about 5 seconds per message, you can understand why our customers LOVE this service. It is easy to implement, just ask us how.