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Improve Capabilities

You have to stay competitive.

One major factor in business for this is technology and communication. It is not an option, but how should you know which path to chose next? Let us give you direction, advice, plan technology budgets and service solutions that your organization needs today and more importantly – tomorrow. We have the competence to help you make the right decisions. Our role is to make you more educated and flush out viable options without draining too much time from your busy schedule. Put us to the test.

We never charge for the first meeting because we have to figure out if we can even add value. In the worst case scenario, the investment is an hour of our time to understand you are well taken care of and solid grasp of your technology requirements. Make an appointment today – it’s free!

The amount of electronic data that companies process almost doubles, on average, every year. Your network infrastructure has to keep up with these requirements. Now add the introduction of new, bandwidth intensive applications or bandwidth isolation requirements (i.e. Voice over IP) and your current physical infrastructure may not be up to the task.

We provide and project manage structured cabling services and planning for CAT5e, CAT6, wireless access points and fiber. In addition, we will help you evaluate and procure the necessary network hardware (switches and routers) that you need for the next level of data processing and services.

We provide unbiased, professional and expert advise. That is what consultants are supposed to do and yes, it is worth it. Case in point: One of our customers hired us to do a feasibility study for a metro network. They spent $20k to find out that it is not worth investing $500K in that venture. That is money well spent. The examples are plentiful and cover everything from hardware acquisitions, to service contracts, to Wide Area Networks (WANs), Municipal Networks (FTTx) to hiring high level technical staff and company mergers.

You can and should take advantage of our expertise. We do not have an agenda except to make your organization better, tell you the truth and make you aware of considerations for your decisions. All consulting and project work we do is set up through our Professional Services Agreement (PSA) which you are welcome to download and review. Let us know if you have a project or questions.

One of our best services is a hosted Microsoft Exchange platform that includes a state of the art spam and virus filter service. It is cost effective and requires no Exchange administrator on your staff. To do this, we have created reseller alliances with some of the best providers in the business. Your e-mail availability is critical so we have taken the time to seek out and test data centers and providers that we can put our customers on comfortably.

The reason you can not just fill out a form to buy this “commodity” service from us is because we do not have anonymous customers. We want to know who we service and with what. This is not about volume for us since it is only one of many services we typically provide our customers.

We sell Digium Switchvox PBXs as well as custom VoIP phone system solutions that are based on open source. Our role is to help you improve your business in a cost effective manner. Our ability to custom program Asterisk open source phone systems allows us to tailor them specifically to your needs and can generally save about 1/3 of the cost over traditional vendors in implementations over $20K due to unlimited licensing for extensions and voice mail. In addition, the systems we provide have tremendous flexibility (we take advantage of this for our own office). We also provide smaller systems with pre-set features for the small business market.

If you are more comfortable with traditional manufacturers, we can create and evaluate RFPs to ensure you get the best deal and systems for your specific needs.

We are also available for custom Asterisk programming on existing systems.

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