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Help Save Money

Reduce expenses.
Find room in the budget.
Streamline costs.

Every business benefits from reducing unnecessary expenses. On average, we save our customers 23% on their communication services in the first year we help negotiate and select services. We can help you succeed financially by leveraging our experience in the communication industry. We analyze, review, negotiate and help outsource all types of communication services. This includes local phone service, long distance phone service, toll free service, cellular service, data circuits, internet access, and more.

Analyzing communication services is generally not a simple or quick task. A lot of service providers offer bundled services or packages that are hard to compare to traditional products. While this is in the providers interest, you are likely paying more for services than you should or worse, for services you may not need (remember, everything has a cost even in a bundle). Another common problem is understanding which services and providers are available to your organization in the geographic areas you do business in.

Let us help you through the maze of competing services to find the most cost effective solutions for your needs. As a broker, we have access to all major providers and services. Keep the purchasing process simple and consolidated while you ensure that you see all available options. We will do the research on your behalf and keep the sales pressure away from your office.

Most communication providers will provide their services based on a term contract with fixed rates for that term. These contracts will typically also have specific clauses in them that effect important issues, including Service Level Agreements (SLAs), availability guarantees, guaranteed service restore intervals on outages, and early termination penalties. Most carriers will also try to fit your needs into their “limited” service offering rather than tailor a solution to you.

We can negotiate these critical items on your behalf with the ability to inform you of all the business critical language elements contained inside the contractual obligation. Not fully understanding what you sign up for could cost you lot of money if you are not careful.

Never just renew what you already have! Even though it is working you need to make sure that you take advantage of the competitive landscape when you renegotiate your pricing. Often there is another provider serving your market with better or competitive solution. Just ask us first and it could be the best call you made in a long time.

You are probably outsourcing already to cut costs by using seasoned experts for some of your needs. Anymore, communication management is a set of complex services that work in unison. It requires knowledge and experience in telecommunication, cellular, and information technology. If you are still approaching these services as separate issues please start thinking in terms of unified services instead.

We can function like your outsourced communication department or as the missing knowledge augmentation to your existing internal resources. Some of these services can be available to your organization at little or no cost to you when compared to a full time employee – ask us how.

Auditing communication invoices and bills is often a daunting task. It is not unusual for this to fall into someone’s task list by “default” or to just get paid without a thorough inspection. A lot of providers want it this way and they make a lot of money on unaudited services. It is more than just a good idea to understand what your are paying for and whether you need all the services a you are paying for.

Our proficient team will ensure you are billed correctly and you are paying only for the services you actually need. We audit all types of communication billing and have the ability to help you set correct budgets for your services.

Finding billing issues is generally only about 20% of the work. The real value to you is our resolve to get your credits or over payment back to you. This can take months depending on the service and provider in question. We are ready when you are.