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About CMP

CMP is a telecom broker and consultancy firm, founded in 2001. Our focus is to help organizations manage and unify their communication services and systems. We have the necessary expertise and experience to help you control costs and enhance your business communication services. We work for you, our customer, to negotiate the best and most appropriate telecom and communication system services.

Earn respect – daily. Everything we do for our customers, partners, and internally is driven by this simple premise.

Ben Henkels founded the company in late 2001 after “quitting” the telecom industry twice due to the lack of personal customer attention. The goal was to create a company that is driven by its customer needs not company quotas and month over month sales production. The fact that we are still here and growing without ever taking investment capital is all the verification we need to keep going. We love what we do and our customers are our friends. It is personal and we want it this way.


Ben Henkels (CTP, CWNP) has been in the communication industry for over 18 years and founded the company in late 2001. He has had successful tenures as an independent consultant, a VP for an ISP/CLEC in the late 90s, and a top performing sales rep for a national telecommunication carrier. As a founding member of the Technology Channel Alliance, in 2010 he co-authored the industry leading certification program, Certified Telecommunication Professional, since adopted as a standard by many service providers and agencies for their employees. He has served on the board of the TCA and the advisory council of Phone+, which has featured some of his articles and blogs. He is a self-admitted “customer service freak.”

Operations Manager:

Lisa Hardaway joined the team in 2015, bringing over 18 years of experience in Telecom and account management. Over the years, she has worked in several roles and responsibilities for telecommunication providers including, account management, customer service, and provisioning. Many businesses have had a trusted and reliable representative by working with her. Integrity is often mentioned first when clients talk about their relationship with her and her contributions, which is front and center for all of us at CMP. Her desire to help customers and “fight” for them is matched by few.

Sales Manager:

For the past 17 years, Mike Peterson has lived in both sides of the Telecom World. While being a top sales rep on the direct side for the first 6 years was rewarding, it also helped prepare him for the creative world of the Indirect/Agent Channel where he was twice voted “Top 20 Channel Sales Managers” in the nation by his agents and peers. That kind of blended experience brings great insight when anticipating or solving communication problems for our customers. Managing customer telecommunication challenges or questions is a great responsibility. Knowing how to navigate potential ‘carrier landmines’ and helping a customer through their ‘processes’ is a strategic company value when working with CMP. Mike shares the passion with which we help our clients every day.

IT Manager:

Marc Schroeder has been an IT professional for 20 years with great depth and experience in the call center industry. Finding ways to spend less time working on the technology, and more time working with the technology, on your business goals can be a fast way to find more money at the end of each quarter. From simple communications cost savings through better negotiated contracts with providers, to smaller capital outlay on upgrading a phone system while adding new and exciting features, Marc has the ability to help your business show bigger profits and increased reliability.


We represent many service providers through our communication brokerage services. If you are interested in your services being represented in a professional, knowledgeable and consultative manner through us, please contact us. It is important to note we can not represent everyone. We only want to represent the best in the business.

Sales Agencies:

As a broker, we have a lot of services to offer customers and we have an independent agent program that allows you to sell these services to your customers with our support. We provide competitive commissions for qualified agents. To learn more please contact us.

Job Seekers:

We may not always openly hire but are generally always able to add the right person to the team. Feel free to submit your resume and qualifications but we do not promise anything except that we will keep it on file for up to a year if we need someone with your skills and experience.

● Communication Management Partners is awarded an Idaho Public Works project to build a campus wide wireless network for North Idaho College.
● Communication Management Partners announces an improved outsourced IT management service suite: Smooth-IT™
● Ben Henkels is named co-chair of Agent Advisory Board in the Technology Channel Association.
● Based on customer demand, we now offer multiple off-site data back up and business continuity solutions. When did you test your last file restore….?
● Communication Management Partners helped charter the Technology Channel Association.
● Ben Henkels is named to Phone+ national advisory board.
● Communication Management Partners adds WLAN partners and welcomes BlueSocket, Colubris, and Trapeze Networks to enhance wireless solutions for the education, healthcare, and enterprise markets.
● Communication Management Partners signs Professional Services Agreement with a power utility for consulting services.
● Communication Management Partners expands service provider partners to over 50 nationwide.
● Saranac Building in Spokane, WA goes online. This facility is LEED platinum certified with a custom communication system design and implementation by Communication Management Partners.
● Communication Management Partners signs Professional Services Agreement with a NYSE traded company for consulting and service evaluations.